SPINCath is an automatic monitoring system of the tank cathodic protection.

SPINCath constantly monitors cathodic protection system of your LPG tank and trasmits collected data to the server through an Android terminal or SPINLevel device (soon directly also by means of GSM and NB IoT network).

Easy to install in place of cathodic protection junction box, self-powered with more than 5 YEARS of expected lifespan, it provides repleceable batteries to extend the operating life time.

The SPINCath system is designed and full compliant with the most recent European Directives like ATEX (2014/34/EU), RED (2014/53/EU) and EMC (2014/30/EU).

SPINCath is a device that can be easily installed on LPG tanks, which allows automatic cathodic measurement (current and voltage) and the continuos saving of these values.
The collected data is stored locally on the device and transmitted to the remote database via connection through an Android terminal equipped with the SPINApp application or through SPINLever device.
The system is powered by no. 2 CR2450 batteries easily available on the market, for an estimated duration of approximately 5 years depending on usage modes.
SPINCath° is integrated into the SPIN•Systern suite, already including SPINCap and SPINLevel°. However, the manual measurement of cathodic protection parameters remains accessible to the operator.

SPINCath Features

  • MCU 32-bit ARM Cortex-M33 core with  Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration

  • BLE 5.2 with OTA functionality for remote updates

  • Flash memory for local storage of events

  • Real Time Clock with a maximum error of less than 15 minutes/year a ambient temperature

  • Autonomy > 5 years (depends on use and environmental conditions)

  • Completely self-powered (replaceable batteries)

  • Database for cathodic monitoring, events storage, system control

  • Mobile APP (Android 6.0 or higher) for end-users

  • Encrypted data transmission

  • BLE communication with SPINLevel tank level meter.

  • Test performed by voltage and current readings

SPINCath Advantages

  • Elimination of logistics cost. With SPINCath no need to send technical personnel to make measurements on the tank
  • Certainty of results. No risk of loss of manually made measurements or data transcription
  • Immediate analysis of the tank pool. Thanks to the data tranfer you will have the situation of every tank in the territory verifiable at any time
  • Statistics on fingertips. All values converge in the SPINSrv platform with the possibility of integration and analysis of data collected from other devices of the SPIN series
  • Transition 4.0 like the other products of the SPIN series. SPINCath is facilitated for the purposes of the Transition 4.0 (Law 232/2016, s.c. “Industry 4.0”)