The access “key” is provided through an INTUITIVE MOBILE APPLICATION. Only authorized operators will have the authorization to remove the cap and then access the tank valve. Completely self-powered with more than 8 YEARS autonomy, the hardware is contained in a waterproof cell protected by a manganese steel shell, cutting and drilling resistant.

The SPINCap system is designed and full compliant with the most recent European Directives like ATEX (2014/34/EU), RED (2014/53/EU) and EMC (2014/30/EU).

Hardware, based on ARM Cortex M4 MCU, interfaces with Android mobile devices (6.0 or higher) via Bluetooth 4.1. When the electronic lock is in “rest” condition, the rotation of the cap does not allow to unscrew it from the filling valve. Following the unlocking procedure via Android APP, the device exits from “rest” condition and it is therefore possible to unscrew it from the tank valve. SPINCap can be unlocked only by enabled operators (verification through login credentials) following the generation of unlocking keys called “Token“.

These tokens have daily validity and are calculated using a proprietary algorithm, similar to tokens in use in the banking system. While the operator is rotating the device for closing the valve, the system also identifies the tank by an RFID tag placed on the tank itself. In case of non-recognition or incorrect ID, the system will generate an alarm. At the actuation of the cap, the system uses a GPS receiver and a MEMS to detect latitude and longitude and any abnormal movement. Therefore, any access, attempt to access or non-regular closures will be recorded by the hardware device and transferred to the server via the mobile device, also keeping track of each event related to the tank valve.

spincap app

The mobile application allows authorized operators to control SPINCap electronic lock in an easy and intuitive way.

Each instruction is send to the SPINCap via BLE connection.

Operators, after the installation steps, can open and close SPINCap following instructions on screen during refueling of tank. Each screen permits to know the exact operation in progress and advises if there is one not completed.

A system of messages and alerts advises operators about errors and problems, allowing the management of these in real time.

It’s also possible to report anomalies through a dedicated panel.

SPINCap Features

  • MCU ARM Cortex M4 with integrated Crypto Engine

  • Bluetooth BLE 4.1 with OTA functionality for remote updates

  • MIFARE 13.56 MHz RFID reader

  • MEMS for motion detection on 3 axes

  • Flash memory for local storage of events

  • Real Time Clock with a maximum error of less than 5 minutes / year

  • Thermoplastic polymer casing with full internal X120MN12 steel protection

  • Autonomy > 8 years (depending on use and environmental conditions)

  • Generation of daily tokens, unique for each hardware device

  • Database for managing operations, customers, tanks, operators and more

  • No additional external control device required

  • ATEX Mark: II 1 G Ex ma IIA T6 Ga (up to Zone 0)

  • Degree of protection: IP65/IP68

  • Operating temperature: -20°C + 60°C

  • Dimensions: 98(Ø) x 148(h) mm

  • Weight: 1250 gr approx

how it works

Secure access to your filling valve

A daily login and the activation of the Bluetooth module inside the device allow you to connect to SPINCap and to interact with it via App.

Secure access to your filling valve

A daily login and the activation of the Bluetooth module inside the device allow you to connect to SPINCap and to interact with it via App.

Access granted: you can refuel

Secure closure of the valve

Guided procedure for the closure of the SPINCap on the valve, with the identification of the tank.

Event’s Report

Manual reporting of special events occurring on the SPINCap or on the host tank.
Automatic reporting of SPINCap firmware logs.